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Been away for a while, time for an update.


As the title states; its a mixtape I made in that year, all the killer music I was digging back then. Not much has changed really since then. I decided to do a cover for it just for the sake of doing it.


2008/2009 saw my musical taste expand significantly, not in the sense that I now listen to Bjork or Sonic Youth but rather I fell deeper in to the world of aggressive and heavy music. I started to listen to more sonically challenging and blistering music. These three mixtapes cover almost 10 years of music from bands I was listening to in 2000 right up until about the start of 2010. I recorded the tapes at the start of 2010 but didn’t do the artwork until the end of last year when I returned from overseas.


Porst 135 C_Roll 2; is a indirect collaboration between my friend Jack, who I travelled with for a month while overseas in 2010. This book came about as a result of me dropping my Porst camera into a fountain at the Lourve, when Jack returned from his trip in Europe he still had his Porst camera and didn’t want it so I got it. Still inside was a roll of film with about ten shots already taken on a roll of 24 film, so I  finished the roll off.  The first half of the book all the images are shot by Jack  in Berlin at Teufelsberg and then Marrakech, Morocco. Then my section is around Melbourne, primarily Collingwood and the CBD

130 x 195 mm / section sewn / Envirocare, tracing paper, wrapping paper /
64 pages / Edition of 4

Comes wrapped in a poster and a dust jacket


DISPOSABLE UNITS 3, I got the negatives developed at big w they fucked them  up, this is the result.
148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Reflux Sand paper / 36 pages / Edition of 6


DISPOSABLE UNITS 04 this series is still going strong into issue 4, issue was no good, this one redeems the series. This issue was shot in a one whole night for my  birthday. The best part about this issue was introducing an image for the cover, I am not sure why I didn’t do it for the first two, issue 3 was black on black that always works, so I decided to do monochromatic front cover to keep in with the simple layout and flow of the zine. For this edition I printed the covers on a green stock and the inside on Envirocare, but after printing on that stock I did a single copy on the green stock, it looked so much better, but I didn’t want to waste the others so I just sent them out to people. This is my copy the green stock edition.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Optix Green & Envirocare / 40 pages /
Edition of 6
148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Optix Green / 40 pages / Edition of 1


DISPOSABLE UNITS 05 this is the most current issue and its the best of the DISPOSABLE UNITS series so far. It took  just fives hours to go through the roll of 27 photos, which document Ollie’s 21st party at the St. Kilda Botangs.
The front cover was a single red image, but when I was printing this issue I got distracted while printing the front cover and printed it black and white by mistake, so just for trial I printed the red image over it and this is the result I really dug so I did it for all the covers.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Envirocare / 36 pages / Edition of 6



170 x 240 mm / saddle stitched  / 32 pages / Edition of 6



This edition was made up of three  black books from the last year. One of the books was the one I used overseas, where I would just sit there for hours drawing, which I had not done back in Melbourne for a long time. In the last year I really got back into the habit of just drawing, which I really enjoy. I created this edition at work, with nothing really going on the work front I would disappear into the printing room and photocopy pages form the books. Then I would pick the best spreads and compiled the zine that way, the old school way, raw as rawness.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / found stock  for the front cover, Reflex White pages inside/ 64 pages / Edition of 4


DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH came about when I was asked to work a Saturday, which meant no one was going to be on the floor. So I started at midnight finishing up around 4 in the morning to punch out this zine. The zine is a collection of photographs I have taken over the last two years, images I have created in the last year and comprises of a story running through out the book. I reckon it’s one of the best zines I have made up to date considering the time frame it took to punch out and the final result.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitch / Optix Pati Ochre,  /44 pages / Edition of 6



The entire catalouge of the ultimate grinding rock band BLOOD DUSTER that rock Str8outtanorthcote. It includes the classic records Fisting The Dead, Str8outtanorthcote, CUNT, DFF (Drink Fight Fuck) and the self tilted, as well as all the other bangers, which the titles are nowhere near as good or offensive and insulting as these four classics.


This contains everything from 1986’s ULTIMATE THRASH materpiece Reign In Blood up to the most recent crushing record World Painted Blood (2009) and all the other classics in between; including the best titled record (I reckon) ever South Of Heaven. The whole approach to stripping back the artwork was to put the listen into a false sense of hope and not to expect the blood curdling  scream of Tom Araya and bone crushing onslaught that FUCKIN’ SLAYER is.



€1500 is the second book I have made about a part of my time traveling overseas in 2010. It covers my final month abroad; traveling with Jack through Greece to Germany to Poland back to Germany. In this final month two of the most significant events happened for the whole trip going to Aushwitz-Birkenau, which really drove home the horrors and scale of the Holocaust during WW2. And then the other event jumping the fence into Teufelsberg the Allied listening base in Berlin, that was used to spy on the soviets in East Germany. Besides that heavy stuff it documents one of the best months while overseas; drinking too many beers, eating kouta food, catching rays in the Mediterranean Sun and most importantly traveling with a good mate.

This is the largest book I have made so far in in my time in making books and zine; 356 pages, and hand sewn then glued, this was such a mammoth task to complete the book and with the end result I very satisfied with it. There are meant to be two copies but I have not found time to do the second copy so only one exist at the moment.

148 x 210 mm / section sewn /356 pages / Edition of 1 (2)





Caught by security 

This concludes the most recent zines that I have down in the past few months.  Right now I have about 4 new zines on the go, so these following images will appear through out them, now doubt. Hopefully a few more big books like  €1500 this year; definitely a complete book on my time abroad is going to happen this year,

Hope you enjoyed it, catch ya soon




I think I am over making zines. I love designing them but I hate cutting them down and assembling them but I love the final product which these are:


I decided that the Porst 135 S book needed to be reworked as the photos were some of the best photos and most interesting images I took overseas last year. I felt that they could be a real folio piece, which it has turned into, I very happy with the end product.

These are some of the photographs that make up Porst 135 S. The majority of the images that are in the book are from my second time in Berlin last year, but other the cities that are in it are Krakow and London. All these images are from Berlin.


Transparent is made up of images that came from a roll of E6 Transparency  film I shot before I went overseas last year. I completely  forgot about the roll of film, so when I got it developed I was really excited to see what was captured on it, it was a huge let down on first inspection they were not interesting. It felt that I just ran out of time so I just began to wast film buy shooting anything. But as I scanned in images I found ones that really worked together. I used tracing paper to mimic the feeling of slide film.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / tracing paper/ 16 pages / Edition of 3


INTROVERTED BOOK TWO  is an insight into my visual diary, each time I finish a visual diary I make a zine out of the best bits. It takes me a while to finish a visual diary. Black on Black front cover.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Optix Black  front cover, Reflex White pages inside/ 20 pages / Edition of 3


DISPOSABLE UNITS 01  comprises of images taken on a disposable camera I got from Coles at the end of 2009, just because they were selling them for like $4.00 instead of like $26.00 or whatever ridicules price they usually sell them for.  The images are from the end of 2009, and the start of 2010, the zines starts in Melbourne then I went to Sydney for a weekend and then back to Melbourne.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Reflux Sand paper / 40 pages / Edition of 6


DISPOSABLE UNITS 02  was shot over three days. The first day was a birthday party in St Kilda, with friends from high school. It was cool getting the film developed because I do not remember that night. The second day was when Jack got home from being  overseas for five and a half months, so we went to Duke Street and drank gin n tonics because Jack bought like 2-3L of Gin duty free. The third which is the final shot is in St Kilda Botanical Gardens when Jack Emily and I drank beers. The whole zine is just documenting nights fueled by alcohol.

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Reflux Yellow paper / 40 pages / Edition of 3

148 x 210 mm / saddle stitched / Reflux Pink paper / 40 pages / Edition of 3


BLACK & WHITE  is the documentation of images that were captured on Kodak Professional 400 T-Max Black and White Film. It took four days at the end of January to finish the roll of film. Lachie and I decided to start going on missions to take photographs of places that interested us, the first place we went to was Altona where there are all the large oil refineries , that was day two of the roll of film. I have made a five copies of BLACK & WHITE my copy is section sewn book that I use in my folio, while the other four and just saddled stitched zines, to be given to people.


176 x 240 mm / Section Sewn / Envior Care / 48 pages / Edition of 1


176 x 240 mm / Saddle Stitch / Envior Care / 48 pages / Edition of 4


The zine comes with a yellow slip jacket

ISO 125

ISO 125  is based on time, I had just seen Gaspar Noé’s film Irréversible and at the end of the film in massive Helvetica letters flashes the words Le Temps Detruit Tout, which translates to Time Destroys Everything, I like this idea as it is so true, time will prevail over us. ISO 125 is about documenting abandon buildings around Melbourne. It also is the second mission that Lachie and I went on. We got into a massive  abandon ware house out in the docklands, it took us almost four hours to explore it. It was full of rubbish but also old rowing  boats, cars, bob sleds, nautical equipment, industrial saws, car engines. Also with this roll of film it became clear that the camera I use is broken, it can not tell the speed of the film, which results in images being under exposed or over exposed. It creates cool effects some times but other times I lose whole shots, I now have to look into getting a new film camera.

176 x 240 mm / Saddle Stitched / Envior Care / 48 pages / Edition of 5


I was very fortunate to partake in a work shop with Dutch designer Karel Martens the other week. It was 3 x 4 hour classes with him. in the time we were all contributing 8 pages to a publication about a journey, that would be that produced on a Risograph Machine then perfect bound. My journey was about my six month trip overseas last year, it felt cliched at first but I had to do it because the trip was such a significant  event in my life. My idea was to select certain events that would not be common to anyone else’ trip overseas. When I landed into LA I had every intention to keep a journal after three days I gave up, so instead I would collect everything, keep receipts, and take thousands of photographs (in the end I took 80 gig worth of photos-I am still yet to go through them all). My eight pages have inspired me to get a move and start making a book  or books about my time overseas last year (this will be the next project I start and hopefully finish very soon).


All images were photgraphed using 35 mm film and then scanned in, no digital imagery in these books/zines.

I think I am going to just make books for a while.

This has taken 4.5 hours to upload all this, hope you dig most of it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope it didn’t take too long to get ya gat.